Had [verb]

Definition of Had:

be in possession

Synonyms of Had:

Opposite/Antonyms of Had:

Sentence/Example of Had:

She had-208- gone away to Heidelberg to do obeisance to Gubaryov, and was returning with instructions.

If hadde is emphatic, meaning 'he possessed,' it is usually dissyllabic; we even find had-d he (A 298, 386).

The central part of it, where we have long-had an acquaintance with the natives, is called by them "Mai."

I was on the seafaring-man-who-had-lost-his-clothes-and-money tack, and they all condoled with me and gave me much sound advice.

And Bills used to say ef it hadn't a-be'n fer Ezry he'd a-never a-had no house, ner nothin' to putt in it, nuther!

If she'd a-had my Palmyra sarve she'd be still alive, Mrs Shaver, now; 'stead of that, the land-crabs have eaten her.

The son of a minister was asked whether his father's sermon the previous Sunday had-not had some good points in it.

Now, while the cunning Loge spoke, the Giants had-318- been listening, and exchanging glances.

Whatever be the truth of this adage generally, it certainly-had its application in the present case.

Many had written visions of the unseen world, but they had-57- not blended with them their personal fortunes.