Haggle [verb]

Definition of Haggle:

bicker, quarrel

Synonyms of Haggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haggle:

Sentence/Example of Haggle:

He would haggle in a bargain for a shilling, and economize in things beneath a wise man's notice or consideration.

After he had married her, he'd sell out this pile of junk and let somebody else haggle with the Injuns and cowpunchers.

To have to refuse one who has made you a gift of her beauty a trifling article; to haggle over such matters, like a miser!

Hence there was time for the United States to consider the question of a purchase and to haggle a little over the price.

Otherwise people would get silly ideas and begin to haggle over the price.

The women all came running up to see the miracle, and to haggle to get the cloth that bore such a picture for themselves.

It was less than he might have given, but Irving could never be persuaded to haggle over prices.

But they were not for sale; not even one of them would they spare me, though I did not haggle about the price.

And Eliza bought one, too, though she was a little disposed to haggle with the old woman and accuse her of overcharging.

Assunta is a good market-girl in eggs, and mutton, and cow-heel; but I would not allow her to argue and haggle about the masses.