Haggling [verb]

Definition of Haggling:

bicker, quarrel

Synonyms of Haggling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haggling:

Sentence/Example of Haggling:

You fancied, perhaps, I would stand haggling with you all night, and yield at last to your obstinacy.

You will find just as much haggling over a five-cent piece here as in any small New England town.

There was no haggling over exchanges or ransoms, though no doubt many of the ransoms were at a high figure.

There was haggling and bickering until a price of sixty was agreed upon, and Mr. McCann's heart expanded with satisfaction.

A man stepped forward and purchased the precious vial, not, however, without some sharp haggling over its price.

These were paid for without haggling, Verna throwing in a length of roll tobacco by way of a bonsela, or gift to seal the bargain.

He was willing to pay for that without haggling over the cost, but he was not willing to defeat his end by hasty incaution.

The major's blaring notes would cross-cut Devore's nerves as with a dull and haggling saw.

A band of musicians is usually engaged, after protracted haggling, to enliven the proceedings.

The marquis, delighted by my replies, took twelve boxes of the pills and paid for them without haggling.