Hags [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hags:

The hag sprang to her feet, her sullen face ghastly in the dim light, her eyes lurid with hate.

A wonderful merry pair, they seemed; and when Francie had crawled out of the hag, he had a great deal to consider in his mind.

After walking for some time he found himself in a great forest, where he saw a wretched old hag asleep under a tree.

The hag, again opening her shears, was already approaching the web anew, when she saw the shadow of Carlino.

In the North of England the elves seem to have been known as hags, for fairy rings are there known as hag tracks.

In Scotland the hag of the south-west wind is similarly a bloodthirsty and fearsome demon.

Angerboda, the Icelandic hag, is also a storm demon, but represents the east wind.

It endeavoured to smother sleepers like the Scandinavian hag Mara, and similarly deprived them of power to move.

What was it to him whether this hideous old hag were dead in one way or another?

He heaved the bottle aloft and would have struck the hag full force, had not the doctor caught his arm, and held it fast.