Hailed [verb]

Definition of Hailed:

call to, yell for

Synonyms of Hailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hailed:

Sentence/Example of Hailed:

All hail oat milk, the alternative to dairy that’s cheap and easy to make at homeOvernight Oats.

There was no hail of birds like the incident in ’61—they simply washed ashore—but the pelicans exhibited similar symptoms.

He was accustomed, at his return, or issuing from his gates, to be hailed and lackied by the acclamations of the populace.

We flocked round the duke, and hailed his first conquest as a promise of perpetual success.

A country girl, riding by a turnpike-road without paying toll, the gate-keeper hailed her and demanded his fee.

This fine instrument was installed in May, 1913, and hailed by the people of Denver with great enthusiasm.

Burland hailed a passing cab, ordered the driver to keep Carlson's car in sight.

No streaming eyes ever watched its departure; no beating hearts ever hailed its return.

On this occasion, however, the tug appeared somewhat late on the scene, and hailed the Gull.

The captain immediately went on deck, and Neptune hailed from the fore part of the rigging, "What ship?"