Hailing [verb]

Definition of Hailing:

call to, yell for

Synonyms of Hailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hailing:

Sentence/Example of Hailing:

There were a half-dozen boats within hailing distance, similarly anchored, including Skipper Martel and his pinkey.

When within hailing distance they stopped, and seemed afraid to come nearer.

The pursuing proa, he noticed had approached much nearer, almost within hailing distance.

The first was a bright young man, hailing from Newark, New Jersey.

The moment after, he uttered a louder cry, hailing the boats.

The companies who introduced it into Tuscany were recognised as hailing from Bergamo and Venice.

He pointed to the little schooner which was almost within hailing distance.

They watched with eagerness the dispute, hailing with joy the opportunity of humiliating their old hero.

The word Kotop is also used as a hailing word, its answer being “Potok,” a reversal of the previous word.

On my road saw a man at work in a large cornfield and, hailing him, inquired the distance to Avoca.