Hails [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hails:

A man struck in a hail of eight bullets Sunday afternoon had collapsed in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Southwest Washington.

That day at the park, we packed our bags while dodging peanut-size hail in a parking lot near String Lake.

Each storm can bring a suite of problems, from hail to high winds, but it’s lightning that is your number one concern.

Severe thunderstorms can bring lightning and large hail on some occasions.

It’s everything from getting a cab hail to wondering what’s going to happen when you get pulled over.

Melting hail and fog can put a thin icy or watery glaze on the edges of hailstones or snowflakes.

But hail shall be in the descent of the forest, and the city shall be made very low.

Then he broke off, and when he next gave hint of his whereabouts, it was to hail us from the nearest point on the canyon rim.

Thickets were swept as with a great jagged scythe by the leaden hail which swept through them.

He is the true soldier who knows how to die and stand his ground in the midst of a hail of bullets.