Hailstorm [noun]

Definition of Hailstorm:

moisture in air or falling from sky

Synonyms of Hailstorm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hailstorm:

Sentence/Example of Hailstorm:

Most unluckily the weather began to cloud over, and soon a sharp hailstorm began, with every indication of a fog.

I hope we shall give our northern enemies that hailstorm of bullets which gives our dear country the dominion of the sea.

He sat, propped up on the bed, watching the morning sun melt the night's hailstorm into the fields.

The bullets rained as thick in the water as you ever saw a hailstorm.

Through a hailstorm we flew to the long-loved aerodrome at Luxeuil.

It was accompanied by a deluge of rain and a heavy hailstorm.

A mountain of earth, and a hailstorm of stones on iron roofs.

There is a well-known poem on a hailstorm composed some seven centuries ago.

We had scaled Dawson with the aid of ropes, since snowslides covered the trail, and crossed the Cut Bank in a hailstorm.

Nay, blame us not that we came to beseech the Gods when we heard the hailstorm of war rattling on the gates.