Hairdresser [noun]

Definition of Hairdresser:

hair stylist

Synonyms of Hairdresser:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hairdresser:


Sentence/Example of Hairdresser:

Neewer’s ring light is a favorite of makeup artists and hairdressers, especially those who use Instagram live, where photoshop and other editing tricks aren’t possible.

People are wondering if Pelosi, what with her various official duties and hairdresser appointments, simply forgot to send the articles.

That should at least have saved you a bill with your hairdresser.

James Daniel, wig-maker and hairdresser also operates on the teeth, a business so necessary in this city.

She then told Nancy that she worked in a hairdresser's shop down Broadway, "mostly fixing nails."

They went to a hairdresser, who cut their very thick hair and tied it with broad black ribbon.

For some time after the statue had ceased to give signs of life, the hairdresser remained gaping, incapable of thought or action.

The fact is, I am, as I've tried to make you understand, a hairdresser; some might lower themselves so far as to call me a barber.

"Now, don't you go deceiving yourself with any such ideers," said the hairdresser, irritably.

But why, in the name of Mythology, any hairdresser living should trouble his head about Aphrodite, passes my comprehension.