Hairiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hairiness:

Usually the hairiness of the Oblong Woodsia is very pronounced.

Some of the elders had sheepskins over them, but the greater part trusted to one another for warmth, and to their hairiness.

The wavy-haired populations hold also an intermediate position, but somewhat incline to hairiness.

They all had the sallow complexion and undue hairiness which he had come by this time to associate with the native of Paranoya.

This varies a good deal in hairiness and there are several varieties.

They are occasionally white and the plants vary in size and hairiness.

Fuzz, or hairiness, usually occurs on the wire side of the sheet.

Only they liked his general hairiness, if it could be warranted not to come off.

Hairiness of foot-soles in type slightly less than shown in figure 20.

Both are hairy, but the hairiness falls off before Michaelmas.