Hairless [adjective]

Definition of Hairless:

without growth on body part

Synonyms of Hairless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hairless:

Sentence/Example of Hairless:

These social rodents are famous for their wrinkly, hairless appearance.

It was no worm that Mrs. Robin had found, but Grandfather Mole's hairless tail sticking out of the ground.

Joey was puny and hairless as ever, but in Rose's face as she looked at him there was a flush of maternal tenderness and gravity.

He was a young man with a clear, hairless face, a long thin nose, and rather nutcracker jaws.

The mouth opened, a froglike division of the hairless skull, revealing double rows of jagged teeth.

The hairless protective plates, tiny red-rimmed eyes, and countless, saliva-dripping teeth did little to inspire confidence.

Nine or ten feet high, it loomed; hairless, with a faintly iridescent, purplish hide.

For this man's head was swathed in bandages which left his face fully exposed, and that face was young, and smooth, and hairless.

The old man was dirty, bent and very ancient and hairless, with only a soiled robe of crude but heavy cloth hanging on his frame.

A rock hurtled from the heights above, striking with deadly accuracy on the domed, hairless head of the Throg.