Hairpin [noun]

Definition of Hairpin:

hair fastener

Synonyms of Hairpin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hairpin:


Sentence/Example of Hairpin:

The hairpin or wire is bent as shown in the illustration, and the rubber band then placed on the inverted U-shaped part.

The car coasted down a long slope, crossed a bridge and began to go up a hairpin rise.

The pressure was building now, as we blasted around in a hairpin curve, our acceleration picking up fast.

"Wonderful," said the Widow contemptuously, replacing the hairpin in the knob which was balanced on the top of her head.

And it was with him still, even when he was consciously concentrating on the hairpin turns of Mount Lawson's narrow road.

A stout hairpin of Mrs. Baxter's did the trick; a nice tool, Pippin pronounced it gravely.

Luella drove the last hairpin into the puffs, and sprang to the door just as her mother opened it.

Well, my dear,—that's the sort of self-denying hairpin he is!

She's got to reckon with her own type—just pick up that hairpin, will you—and his.

Tam banked over and came round on a hairpin turn, with his eyes searching the heavens above and below.