Hairs [noun]

Definition of Hairs:

threadlike growth on animate being

Synonyms of Hairs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hairs:


Sentence/Example of Hairs:

Third, the combo of baobab and castor seed oils helps seal and smooth out dry hair and promote hair growth.

His given name was Richard, but as soon as his hair came in, he was Red.

You may not see it but you are eating it and washing your hair with it.

The state’s worst tier — the dreaded purple tier — would allow only hair salons and barber shops to continue operating indoors at full capacity.

So proper that his salt-and-pepper hair is never out of place.

Upon arriving at home, Mulan takes off her soldier’s uniform and dresses in her old clothes, putting up her hair and applying makeup to her face.

In March, hair care startup Prose launched subscriptions to try and encourage customers to buy its customer shampoo and conditioner more frequently.

Justin Brown’s study of coyote diet found that 20 percent of the scat samples from city-dwelling animals had cat hair in them.

Of the current candidates who’ve raised their hands, if you ask me what’s the difference in terms of the policy outlook, it’s splitting hairs trying to come up with one.

From an early age we fought about me wanting to wear boy’s clothes and pull my hair back in a ponytail to hide it under my hat.