Hale [adjective]

Definition of Hale:

strong and healthy

Synonyms of Hale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hale:

Sentence/Example of Hale:

I know that’s less than useful advice in this circumstance, but I wanted to start with it so it doesn’t get lost in the hale of crap I’m about to throw at folks who are pimping vaginoplasty, which is what you’re suggesting is called.

Hale echoed a near-identical line to The Post about a week later.

Was the hale old gentleman going to make a fool of himself after all?

Father is as likely to live as either of us—is hale and strong—with a back unbent, and a step as firm as your own.

Simultaneously, Generals Hale and Wheaton were coming forward with their columns, each having had some hard fighting on the way.

At this opportune moment Lieutenant Hale came galloping up with the rear guard.

In 1901 he gave his first address, and he confessed that Dr. Hale had influenced him greatly in this work.

However, we hae a hale day to oorsel's now, what dae you say to gaun to the length of Kew Gardens?

Goss and Hale used the tincture of the fresh leaves and so the homœopaths have always used it.

Hale smiled to himself, drew up for none and put on a face of utter unconsciousness that he was doing anything unusual.