Halftone [noun]

Definition of Halftone:

drawing, artwork that assists explanation

Synonyms of Halftone:

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Sentence/Example of Halftone:

In both cases, negatives are made of both the halftone and fine copies.

Well, he looked like a halftone print of the Pilgrim Fathers––the kind that they hang on the walls in the district schools.

She also took a halftone snapshot of you out at the Coldtown dam, cut from a newspaper, published the Sunday after your accident.

The process of halftone-making has developed so that the reproduction can be made almost indistinguishable from the original.

This enables the engraver to make a clearer halftone, for a print with a grained surface reproduces surface and all in the cut.

The stems run deep into the earth and are attached to a sclerotium, which will be seen in the halftone.

The plants from which the halftone was made were collected near Sandusky and photographed by Dr. Kellerman.

The halftone and the description ought to make the plant known to the most casual reader.

The fine checks in the pileus are clearly seen in the halftone.

Credit for each photograph is given with the halftone as it appears.