Hallelujahs [noun]

Definition of Hallelujahs:

religious song

Synonyms of Hallelujahs:

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Sentence/Example of Hallelujahs:

It seemed as if on this day all Nature was singing one grand anthem with a hallelujah chorus.

Out of His infinite fullness He is to fill us; not half fill us, but fill us with joy, “all joy,” hallelujah!

Then he called for his son Zadok and blessed him; and the last word they heard was, "Hallelujah!"

His description of the visit was printed in the journal Hallelujah in 1885 (Nos. 20 and 21).

When the Hallelujah Chorus was reached, he rose and stood with bowed head.

The most resolutely impenitent sinner can shout "Hallelujah," and "Woe is me," as loudly as any saint.

I was once in a foreign cathedral when, after the three days of mourning, in Holy Week, came the final day of Hallelujah.

The Boy acted strictly on the woman's hint, and kept an eye on the person who had a sure thing up on Glory Hallelujah.

Then ensue three simple phrases, the middle one in plain counterpoint, which form the groundwork for the "Hallelujah."

Its subject is the nativity, combined with ascriptions of praise and a final exultant hallelujah.