Hallucinations [noun]

Definition of Hallucinations:

dream, delusion

Synonyms of Hallucinations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hallucinations:

Sentence/Example of Hallucinations:

All the weirdness of LSD—the hallucinations and acid insights and everything else—may be a direct consequence of this biochemical blockade of serotonin release.

About an hour after Clifford Howard consumed three buttons of peyote, the hallucinations kicked in.

Vision without execution is hallucination, but execution without vision is like a hamster wheel.

These are less noticeable than the so-called positive symptoms, which indicate the presence of something extra, such as hallucinations.

They don’t mention these auditory hallucinations explicitly, but they do use associated words—“sound,” “hear,” “chant,” “loud”—more often in regular conversation.

The little maid calls him Drac, identifies the flower in his hand, and lives on in this hallucination.

But even this great marvel seemed natural in comparison with the singular hallucination to which I was presently subjected.

I questioned him more fully than I had ever done, with a view to making myself master of the facts of his hallucination.

She had a sentimental hallucination as other people have a physical one.

It seems as if the young man was under the hallucination of his fever?