Hallucinatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hallucinatory:

When this occurs the person merges into a psychosis which may be called "hallucinatory confusion."

There are no hallucinatory phases in the conditions or causes.

Hallucinatory visions rise in the head of my poor fellow man; make him claim over me rights which are not his.

This group he again subdivides into the querulent and hallucinatory paranoid forms.

Professor Dilthey has collected many other records of the hallucinatory clearness of the visual imagery of literary artists.

A weak state of health on the part of the percipient would seem to be conducive to hallucinatory visions.

Perhaps we ought also to place here sensory obsessions in the shape of topoalgia, and even hallucinatory affections.

It is also possible that mere expectancy and suggestion induce hallucinatory perceptions among the members of the circle.

Did Mr Wesley (to take his case) receive a mere hallucinatory set of pushes?

No; whatever be the interpretation of these phenomena, they are certainly not hallucinatory.