Hallways [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hallways:

When it rains in Culver City, water drips from ceilings throughout the hospital’s two buildings, forcing staff to relocate patients and plant orange buckets in the hallways.

In one demo billed as a huge dinosaur wandering around an office, it created the effect by situating the creature at the far end of an open hallway so it would fit in the display.

I tested the Apple Watch by wheeling down a carpeted hallway at a regular pace.

Because every minute is scheduled with video calls, we’ve lost the spontaneity of walking down the hallway and dropping in on somebody, or that casual stairwell conversation—a lot of that is gone.

Flooding your condo, your neighbor’s, or your common hallway is an uncomfortable position to be in.

Something very peculiar, I felt, noticing the door leading from the broad hallway to the dining-room closed, contrary to custom.

Lamb was just lighting a cigaret, gazing down the hallway of the fourteenth floor, when the muffled report came up the staircase.

But the old man, their father—as he was crossing the hallway, we saw him suddenly stop.

Not one of the others had heard a sound; but now they were aware that soft footsteps were pattering along the hallway.

In the hallway I met a German countess weeping in real sorrow while her grandmother was trying to console her.