Haloed [verb]

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As long as the EV growth story holds up, investors will likely be happy to hand over money to other EV makers, even if their halos are slightly tarnished.

This means that the gaseous halo that surrounds our galaxy is not an independent entity, but rather is constantly interacting with the Milky Way, Kaaret says.

This stellar wind is responsible for stripping the stars to their cores, and in the process creates a halo of dust around the pair.

As studies from Comscore and multiple others have shown, this creates a halo effect for the brands that advertise there.

The return of professional baseball, basketball and hockey may have attracted audiences back to TV, but it has not created a halo effect to increase overall TV viewership, according to Sportico’s analysis of Nielsen figures.

It studs the virus’s surface, forming its halo and allowing the virus to latch onto and enter human cells.

He relapsed into silence a little while, his face not at all marked with grief or pain, but haloed with a high and steadfast calm.

This haloed summer still idled on its way, yet all the while sped quickly; like some languid lady in an elevator.

Only the towering peaks were alight with crimson and gold, which haloed their bulk in majestic mystery.

Of the pitiful thing that her life had been this man made a wondrous thing, all sweet with twilights and haloed with service.