Halter [adjective]

Definition of Halter:

unable to walk properly

Synonyms of Halter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Halter:

Sentence/Example of Halter:

He turned kind of white around the gills when he first felt the halter around his neck, and then braced up and not a whimper.

The wonder is that between sword and halter there was any able-bodied man left in Munster.

Nothing should prevent him, he said, from leading her to the halter, from makin her his adoarable wife.

If thy friends agree in calling thee an ass, go and get a halter around thee.

When I opened the gate I reached for Dolly's halter, but she wheeled in her tracks and let fly at me with both heels.

The afternoon was half gone before Twinkleheels let his young master put the halter on him.

Running to the barn, he caught up Twinkleheels' halter and snatched the four-quart measure off the top of a barrel.

He stood perfectly still while Johnnie slipped the halter on his head and buckled it.

While he was munching the oats Johnnie Green passed the end of the halter rope about his neck.

The next morning Johnnie took Twinkleheels' halter and the four-quart measure with three big handfuls of oats in it.