Halting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Halting:

Halting his squad, Lawrence dismounted, and taking Harry, they carefully made their way to the brow of a hill which lay in front.

Mr. Middleton, with shaking limbs and halting footsteps, assisted his wife to her room.

Beneath this melodrama, the circumstances are recounted at great length, and some halting verses conclude the mournful narration.

Varney was on his way to the house before the footman had finished his halting explanation.

Some leap to the strains with unapt foot, and make a halting figure in the universal dance.

After the Dragon Maid was won,—well then,—this halting insect man need not trouble them.

The change in the rosy-cheeked boy was startling: pale and hollow-eyed, he walked with a weak, halting step.

They came slowly and furtively, moving a step or two at a time, then halting and peering, prepared to run.

The sun had almost entirely disappeared on the horizon at the moment when the caravans reached the halting ground.

The position held by the corps of dragoons, we have already said, was a favorite place of halting with their commander.