Ham [noun]

Definition of Ham:

one who overacts

Synonyms of Ham:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ham:


Sentence/Example of Ham:

“Ham and eggs, dry toast and shrimps,” said the keen-eyed traveller in reply to the reiterated question.

He reached over, with astonishing suddenness in one so bulky, and twirled the secretary about with his ham of a hand.

A pair of carvers, laid with my cover, tell me that I shall have to carve the ham which is here eaten with the chicken.

My host has before him a fine joint of beef, there are two chicken in front of my hostess, and I am placed opposite a boiled ham.

Every “biscuit” or “ham” has been cut in two to find out whether the native has loaded it in any way.

The husband returned to the breakfast-table; he smelt the broiled ham and eggs, and he heard his wife's commands.

A Yankee give mother a ham of meat, another come right on behind him an' took it away from her.

Wilder drew forth half a bottle of milk, an open tin of potted ham and several portions of bread.

They were also fond of ham, but we had the ham meat buried in the ground, this was about the close of the war.

Mammy fried plenty of dat ham an' made lots of bread an' fixed dem coffee.