Hammering [verb]

Definition of Hammering:

beat, hit

Synonyms of Hammering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hammering:

Sentence/Example of Hammering:

It can’t be used as a hammer against a new pathogen like the coronavirus which we’re still trying to understand.

On these days all it takes is a spark from a downed power line, or a hammer hitting a metal stake.

Using a hammer against American firms would damage that image.

The noise of the hammer is always in his ears, and his eye is upon the pattern of the vessel he maketh.

With a hammer the boy knocked off some of the slats of the small box in which Squinty had made his journey.

I suppose the hammer falls back more slowly from the string, and that makes the tone sing longer.

He was ready to drop when he reached it, and his heart beat like a hammer against his ribs.

And then the Monitor's deafening hammer sounded again, and after that, silence.

Black Hood demanded, one closed fist raised like a hammer above the man's head.

His tombstone in the churchyard consists of an anvil and hammer, wrought in stone.