Hampering [verb]

Definition of Hampering:

impede, restrict

Synonyms of Hampering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hampering:

Sentence/Example of Hampering:

My scandal would cling to me now for all my life, a thing affecting relationships, embarrassing and hampering my spirit.

And if I thought I was hampering you, and you were beginning to regret you had married me—why, I couldn't bear it.

The former had the evil effect of restricting the progress of industry and hampering invention.

Such hampering restrictions as conscription to fight or work, or rationing, have been removed.

The Church in France has always stood loyally to the observance of the Concordat, in spite of its many hampering restrictions.

The faculty is being hampered in its action by consciousness, and such hampering leads to a great waste of energy.

Do not let us be enslaved by any hampering details in the figures.

Oh, blessed hampering steps, how much safer would his have gone beside them!

This too often results in spoiling the child, which is an equally foolish and hampering proceeding.

The felt shoe of the Chinese gentleman and the flapping, heelless slipper of the Indian are alike uncomfortable and hampering.