Hamstrung [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hamstrung:

A wolf would have hamstrung his opponent and killed him at his leisure; but foxes rarely fight to the death.

This was done; he was hamstrung, and then set on a certain small island near the shore, called Sævarstad.

Wasn't it going to be nice to live in a world without punctured eardrums and hamstrung nerves?

For many minutes the bull stood motionless, his hamstrung quarter sinking lower and lower.

Paphnutius, besides, came limping on one leg, his left having been hamstrung.

The term used by the herders in these cases is that the cattle were "hamstrung," the tendons of the legs being severed.

One rushed up and hamstrung the beast, while still standing, by a blow with an axe.

Murray had no less than four horses either speared, hamstrung, or clubbed—a circumstance almost unexampled.

But it was found that the Raja's servants, by way of making quite sure, had first hamstrung the poor antelope!

Getting up close behind the still fighting wild deer, with one stroke of their weapons they hamstrung the brave creatures.