Handbills [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Handbills:

Doran stated that he was the author of the handbill distributed in Everett prior to the attempted meeting of November 5th.

He went on with a long, rambling tale about making a mistake in printing the handbill.

Promptly on Monday Dr. Willis issued a handbill offering $200 reward for the recovery of his runaway.

The doctor, having examined the handbill, said that the lady was quite right, and pointed significantly to the bag of money.

He pulled a big red handbill out of his pocket and unfolded it.

"That's twice this mornin' you've passed me that 'friend' handbill," raged the selectman.

He found a handbill that had Rangoon's picture on it, but the name at the time of its printing was Abe Larkin.

Soon the handbill copy began to appear in the newspapers, but mostly without the illustrations.

Write a handbill announcing a 20% discount sale to run three days in your dry goods store.

We also do a good deal of handbill printing, and catalogues for sales, and that kind of work, which is easy enough.