Handcuffing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Handcuffing:

As two officers then try and put the girl—who is now in handcuffs—in the car, she repeatedly screams, “I want my Dad.”

Others wore tactical gear or brought zip ties, which can be used as handcuffs, officials said.

He wore a Taser holstered to his hip and gripped a bunch of zip-tie handcuffs in one hand.

After deputies removed Boney in handcuffs, the judge withdrew the contempt charge but said the publisher still had to be escorted from the building.

Member Margaret Lorber said she simply cannot accept the idea of guns and handcuffs in schools.

And keep your eyes on me; if I act in the least peculiar, handcuff me—but don't knock me out.

Bill said that he thought that bruin was about to make up his mind to let us take off that handcuff.

He unwound the rope which he had brought along and secured one circle of a double handcuff to his left wrist.

A white mark, which slowly changed to red, showed where Delaney had clamped the handcuff down to its last notch.

"Why, he threatened to handcuff me and take me to jail if I didn't tell him all about Mr. Whitmore's death," complained Collins.