Handed [verb]

Definition of Handed:

give, transfer

Synonyms of Handed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handed:

Sentence/Example of Handed:

But, as the driver stands to the right of the door so it can swing open, normally this is done with the left hand, and the little ledge seems harder to grasp left-handed.

The tellers said they had no money to give and saw the person become angry and leave empty-handed.

Even if you come up empty-handed, the system will essentially “stalk” you and continue to send emails containing what it considers to be similar items until you ask it to stop.

Stevenson, also a left-handed hitter, could often be saved as a late-inning defensive replacement for Kyle Schwarber.

Even people in priority groups can spend hours looking for an open appointment slot — and come up empty-handed.

Trust is more likely to get a result than a heavy-handed approach.

Data from analytics website Brooks Baseball shows Hand turns to his sinker against right-handed hitters, mostly on the first pitch or when he is ahead in the count.

The outcome was all but certain when Huff leaped toward the rim to collect a missed jumper by Hauser and completed the sequence with a two-handed dunk.

For years he batted “cross-handed,” with his left hand above his right on the bat, before correcting his hand position.

Chandler coasted down the court for a two-handed slam, hanging on the rim for good measure.