Handicapped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Handicapped:

My work has been greatly handicapped of late by lack of certain books to which I wanted to refer.

But poor Lancing was seriously handicapped by the fact that he had a woman for his antagonist.

Thus, special assistance may be given for starting in trade persons handicapped by their infirmities.

He was handicapped by the fact that he did not quite dare to put all his back and shoulders into the preliminary shove.

But as for getting tangible help from the Creator of a body handicapped by nerves like his!

Charnock had a keen eye for the ridiculous and a pretty wit, and was no longer handicapped by the fear of being dismissed.

It was somewhat handicapped by the absence of human dissection.

Hundreds of thousands of new-born babies die annually or grow up handicapped by deformities from this dread scourge.

Even if a child enters this world handicapped by heredity, let us not lessen his chances of success by adverse suggestion.

And there, too, would be a sprinkling of that other sex, no longer handicapped by the epithet "gentler."