Handicapping [verb]

Definition of Handicapping:

give disadvantage

Synonyms of Handicapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handicapping:

Sentence/Example of Handicapping:

He contends that they constitute a system of inverse handicapping.

He saw that he must deliver up his precious pack, the burden of which was effectively handicapping him in the race for life.

Why, such a procedure would be like handicapping themselves heavily for the race!

The system is a development of the tennis handicapping by which a finer graduation of odds may be given.

Hes no earthly good, but hes on the handicapping committee, and would let himself in soft.

Weather prediction was about on a par with race-horse handicapping, and easy to explain after it happened.

The handicapping has none of the careful science of Newmarket.

Handicapping is only a way to get people to read what I really want to tell them.

He then brings the boys back over the grass about a hundred yards, handicapping them according to age and size.

Every single competitor had complained that the handicapping was disgracefully done.