Handicraft [noun]

Definition of Handicraft:

artwork, skill

Synonyms of Handicraft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handicraft:

Sentence/Example of Handicraft:

The machine penetrated everywhere, thrusting aside with its gigantic arm the feeble efforts of handicraft.

If an artisan has taken a son to bring up, and has caused him to learn his handicraft, no one has any claim.

Art has flourished in Virginia from the handicraft of the early days to the plastic sculpturing of the present.

But here new specimens of the Doctor's handicraft soon riveted attention.

The free and lightsome behaviour of the men, the humming at the benches, recalled some school of handicraft.

The walls were covered with Indian pictures and handicraft, and the surrounding country abounded in Indian relics.

Coincident with the nationalized market for goods, production began to change from a handicraft to a machine basis.

There were various other samples of his handicraft besides Dolls in Caleb Plummer's room.

Having at one time witnessed some of the handicraft of our red brethren, I thought I would step in, and lo!

The Jewish custom required that a man devoted to intellectual work should learn a handicraft.