Handled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Handled:

Her success increased her confidence in herself and enhanced the boldness and freedom with which she handled her brush.

It will be found that as a whole they assume a flat position, and are very easily handled.

Whichever one is selected it should be fairly and honestly handled by my method.

A cigar should be handled daintily; it is a fragile, graceful creature—don't mar its beauty.

She took it and rubbed it with soft sand to remove some discolorations and laid it, with a horn-handled knife, by the china plate.

Surely the topic is capable of being handled in a sufficiently exciting manner!

Daniel Defoe alone could have so handled the subject as to make delightful so dull and so sad a tale.

Nimble-finger never finished that bone-handled hunting knife.

The thousands of tourists who come annually are handled in a most businesslike manner.

He had opened the box and taken out the apron, which he handled far more carefully than he had the spotted gown.