Handmaiden [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Handmaiden:

Or, the story of Abraham's affair with Hagar, his handmaiden?

She had been their mother's handmaiden before their mother's marriage.

Of what use to labour, to struggle, to deny myself, for an art to which I can never be more than the humblest handmaiden?

Remember me to your elderly and amiable handmaiden, whose beaten biscuit I recall with such felicity.

Chloe, the black handmaiden who stood at the door, latch in hand, had time to grow tired of waiting before her mistress spoke.

It gave the first opportunity to test the cooperation between the government and its supplemental handmaiden, the Red Cross.

The handmaiden, her duty discharged, shuffled off to the lower regions.

She was God's own dear child and handmaiden, and He has taken her home to himself.

"Pity dars no time to get a new dress, Miss Elsie," remarked the handmaiden half regretfully.

Baths were unknown, and hot water was a luxury distributed sparingly by a capricious handmaiden.