Handrails [noun]

Definition of Handrails:

railing of stairs

Synonyms of Handrails:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handrails:


Sentence/Example of Handrails:

Because PVA doesn’t degrade too quickly, it has the potential to work on surfaces that need to stay ice-free, such as roads, sidewalks, and handrails.

Then she closed the door as quietly as possible, and clutching the handrail began to grope her way downstairs.

When Mr. Merry led the girl out they had to cling for a time to each other and to the handrail that led down toward the landing.

It consists of three ropes upon one of which you walk, while the other two form a handrail upon either side.

I was hanging on to the handrail when a man came tumbling down in haste.

On each side of the river was a stony beach, and a rickety bridge, with a single handrail, connected the banks of the stream.

They were slippery now, and the handrail to them was icy when he clutched it, coming down in the dark of the mornings.

At each end of the transverse Barlow rails is fixed the customary simple iron handrail, carried by light cast-iron standards.

Another was bending over a little handrail, his head sunk, his arms almost trailing to the ground.

As he finished, he drew himself along by a handrail to one of the windows, then to another.