Handsomely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Handsomely:

Apple improved dramatically on each concept and profited handsomely.

So do other developers, who can pay themselves handsomely while they pursue ideas that may never make it.

In the decade since Leonard Green & Partners, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles, bought control of a hospital company named Prospect Medical Holdings for $205 million, the owners have done handsomely.

The dinner was handsomely attended, and the ball more handsomely still.

The boy took off his hat, and very handsomely addressed the cow, with "Your servant, madam."

“There she goes, handsomely,” cried the men, as the engine again resumed work at reasonable speed.

The family were at their country-house at Botafogo; and a most excellent house it is, very handsomely built and richly furnished.

A handsomely ornamented boat awaited us at the bank of the river, and on the other side a palanquin.

He looked around the room, noble in its proportions, and handsomely appointed, and thought of all it suggested.

Up and down the yard all the morning and seeing the seamen exercise, which they do already very handsomely.