Handwritten [adjective]

Definition of Handwritten:

in manuscript

Synonyms of Handwritten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handwritten:


Sentence/Example of Handwritten:

A handwritten letter is not so apt to be wordy—it is too much trouble to write.

The handwritten image captions were, in some cases, very difficult to make out.

Yes; the handwritten signature "Lee H. Oswald" is written in a very distinctive manner.

From this time on there was practically an end to the handwritten books made by the monks in cloisters and monasteries.

Clicking on the image of a handwritten page will lead to an image in higher resolution.

You said you made some handwritten notes about this 709 exhibit.

He said, "Some of them are typed on a little portable, some of 'em are handwritten in ink, some of 'em in pencil."

Handwritten comments and various stamps used on the documents are noted at the end of each document.

Exhibit 96 is a photocopy of two pages that are handwritten and in English.

The next exhibit is Exhibit No. 93, many pages, handwritten, in English.