Hangar [noun]

Definition of Hangar:

large storage building

Synonyms of Hangar:

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Sentence/Example of Hangar:

The executive has been known to give young engineers tremendous responsibility to solve problems, leaving them overnight in airplane hangars, for example, to tackle a complex technical challenge on a rocket.

And it flashed back in crimson splendor from the gleaming hull that floated from the hangar and came to rest upon the snowy world.

The morning mail lay before him on the table in the little hangar office.

He hung up the telephone receiver and skipped out into the hangar to start his engine to warming.

Johnnie didnt know what was wrong, and of course he didnt make inquiries in a rivals hangar.

The Hangar was also used as a store for many articles which had been crowded into odd corners or rescued from the snow outside.

By taking advantage of days freest from drift, the exterior of the Hangar was completed by April 6.

Except for the regular sentries that circled the whole immense temple, the hangar was unguarded.

They did not in the least understand the explosions they had heard and they could not grasp what had happened to their hangar.

The attack on the hangar, the subsequent retreat, and the firing of the city had been carried out perfectly.