Hangdog [adjective]

Definition of Hangdog:


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Sentence/Example of Hangdog:

He was one of those little insignificant hangdog things with vacant eyes.

Edward slouched up alongside of me presently, with a hangdog look on him, as if he had been caught stealing jam.

To that hangdog creature might fall the task of driving Betty home!

Crab growled something under his breath and went off in a hangdog way.

The stowaway's face showed some embarrassment, but not at all the usual hangdog mien of such wastrels.

The Versaillese, chosen from amongst their most reliable troops, were watched by officers with hangdog looks.

Jake's hangdog look showed that to be true, although he still maintained his obstinate silence.

The look in Trenwith's eyes, and the sheepish, hangdog expression of his whole face made Eleanor gasp.

Charity caught the heartsick, hangdog look in his eyes, and she forbore to slice Kedzie up with sarcasm.

Did the cub's hangdog of a father not offer a thousand pounds for my head on the end of a pikestaff?