Hangover [noun]

Definition of Hangover:

result of heavy drinking

Synonyms of Hangover:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hangover:

Sentence/Example of Hangover:

Much like a hangover, there is no precise cure for this ailment.

“The hangover of Brexit starts now,” says Nicholas Bloom, an economist at Stanford who has studied the economic effects of the 2016 referendum.

The looming policies investors are ignoring could bring a long hangover.

That the detonation of nuclear bombs would mark the start of our new epoch is perhaps not the best harbinger of what is to come—much like starting the New Year with a hangover instead of a polar bear plunge.

Our underarm stink may well be an “evolutionary hangover” from our ancient ancestors.

The hangover you get after celebrating your 10th closed deal in a single month.

Could have gone out of his way to be pleasant to customers, not snap at them when he had a terrific hangover.

He didn't speak English and my high school German was inadequate, especially accompanied by a blockbusting hangover.

Bless you, my son, and may you have a big enough hangover to show you the wickedness of your ways.

As the hangover began to wear off—a little—I was almost sorry I hadn't been able to stay.