Hankering [noun]

Definition of Hankering:

strong desire

Synonyms of Hankering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hankering:

Sentence/Example of Hankering:

He had seen men in that mood before, and he had no hankering for trouble which is vastly easier to start than it is to stop.

There's the widow Babbage, down to Dock: she always had a hankering for you.

Anyhow Im not hankering to go pushin on with that redoubt bunch shootin holes in my back, which theyd surely do.

I have always had a hankering after this sort of life, and I find it was a true instinct of what would suit me.

Wagner still had a hankering after imposing spectacle and brilliant choral writing.

He was a small yeoman, well-to-do in the world, but always hankering after the old tradition that the lands were ours.

Of course Ive always had a sort of hankering after one, but nothing looks very well on me.

The two noodles are hankering after her, and she encourages them.

It was a notable trait in his character that he was not addicted to hankering after money.

Our old wounds are not yet healed, and we are not hankering after a fresh fray.