Hankers [verb]

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They hankered that their future children might feel similarly, partly because, as Brandon put it, “They do better in just learning how to handle life, learning how to handle the real world.”

As the world got weird and we sheltered at home, many of us hankered for the familiar, the stable, the uncool.

I've seen just enough of flying fishes to hanker after Mandalay, just enough of Spaniards to long for a sight of Spain.

"I don't hanker much after the dry job of pumping the colonel," he added, winking at Clifford significantly.

What I really hanker for is to be a painter; and of portraits, on the whole, I think.

I certainly do hanker for about four or five little curly-headed rascals to take on my knee.

If there was one thing he did hanker after, it was southernwood; but he couldn't see her grubbin' up things that way.

This was a good variety, for when I didn't hanker after Bakin I could help myself to the cabbige.

And that's all the more reason why I should hanker after Wallandoon.

Play with chaps of your own size and don't hanker after men's property.