Haphazard [adjective]

Definition of Haphazard:

without plan or organization

Opposite/Antonyms of Haphazard:

Sentence/Example of Haphazard:

You can’t afford to reduce your image file size in a haphazard manner, this is something that needs to be done properly, otherwise, you will end up with a low quality looking image.

Luckily, a lot of these changes were so haphazard and poorly executed that undoing them will be fairly straightforward.

Masks work but haphazard restrictions haven’t stopped the spread.

If one starts out in a haphazard way, it takes him a long time to find his bearings, and much valuable time is lost.

They laughed, but Crozier knew that the observant gambling farmer was not talking at haphazard.

Curious voice you have, he said, without attention to her question, in his haphazard jumping way.

He has come to New Orleans in a haphazard, fancy-free way, making a trip toward Mexico.

The passage which first caught the eye, on a Bible being opened haphazard, was supposed to indicate the future.

The Tree was far from being a perfunctory, haphazard affair.

The rolling stock at that time was as light as the signals were haphazard.