Happen [verb]

Definition of Happen:

come to pass; occur

Opposite/Antonyms of Happen:

Sentence/Example of Happen:

That along with what happens between Jokić and Anthony Davis.

The league is studying what’s happening in the bubble just as much as those outside of it are, and that includes looking at the replay system.

If that happened, it would put even more political pressure on Democrats by making Republicans look like they’re the ones taking action.

So we’re gonna see what happens, but we did shut it down, yes.

Because most of the newly occurring deaths are happening in red states.

This is what happens to successful companies and successful stocks.

Even in the wake of the Roundtable’s high-minded statement, that has not yet happened, and for good reason.

Abnormally easy habit change happens when we change our environment.

So, you have to play light and you have to will yourself to not think about those injuries even though they can happen.

That it is a reasonable and proper thing to ask our statesmen and politicians: what is going to happen to the world?