Happily [adverb]

Definition of Happily:

with joy, pleasure

Opposite/Antonyms of Happily:

Sentence/Example of Happily:

Charlotte’s a fool for love, but this attitude leads her to her imperfectly perfect happily-ever-after.

My husband was kind of on board with wanting to have a business, so we also had to figure out a way to have a business where we’re able to work together but separately, so that we can stay happily married.

The Long Song is weak where A Suitable Boy is strong, but happily it’s also strong where A Suitable Boy is weak—in the level of nuance its storytelling achieves.

Marian’s mind was blown by this probability-zero event, and they lived happily ever after.

There are just certain parts of us that are wired to want to pet something furry and hear a heartbeat — both boxes this strange little robot happily checks.

I think I'd be happy to just drift away, but he won't let that happen because it's not what he wants, and he'll happily put me in the role of the bad guy if it suits his agenda.

“I was surprised — happily surprised — that so many young people indicated they wanted to quit vaping,” says Halpern-Felsher.

Some species even enjoy the great indoors, where they happily live out their lives and make more spiders.

As a runner myself, I liked the implication that endurance athletes are uniquely tough, so I happily included that quote in my book.

I’m happily married for 30 years, my wife has changed me, I love my wife, but I don’t love everything about my wife.