Haranguing [verb]

Definition of Haranguing:

give a long lecture

Synonyms of Haranguing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haranguing:

Sentence/Example of Haranguing:

After haranguing the troops and prisoners, Napoleon was informed, about noon, that Wellington was still in position.

And the candles being lighted, he examined my neck, haranguing the while in his vile English against the practice of duelling.

They were listening to a speaker who, standing upright in the wagon-body, was haranguing them earnestly.

Oi found Nakier haranguing some of the men as was in the fok'sle; but he broke off when he see me.

The minister mentioned by name leading instigators of attacks in the Austrian and German press on Serbia as haranguing the crowd.

Lafitte was furious when he learned of this, and, after haranguing the crowd, had the Britishers released.

The soldiers began haranguing, influenced by those among them whose tongues were most loosely hung.

There he stood, haranguing his people in a bitter undertone.

All of which haranguing only served to stimulate Gitl's demonstration of grief.

Then again he would pause before a gesticulating orator madly haranguing his audience from a bench or improvised platform.