Harassed [verb]

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She wrote about how Braddy harassed her in 2010, tried to get back together and attacked her.

One member of the Carlsbad City Council filed a restraining order against three local men after they stalked and harassed her online.

In one case, an attorney approved by Pelletier repeatedly harassed his client for sex while working as her court-appointed defense lawyer.

Four men reported that Beiser sexually harassed or assaulted them, but Beiser refused to resign.

They are among seven former eBay employees charged in the scheme to harass the couple, who authorities say published an online newsletter with articles that were critical of the company.

Included in Julia Moskin’s Times report are accounts of women who were harassed so intensely that they stopped training entirely.

Hylton’s death has angered family members and his community, who contend that police had harassed him in the past and then chased Hylton to his death.

Both versions contained the same “locate or harass” provision that was making news in North Dakota.

Abusers have been using pornographic imagery to harass women for some time.

In some cases, these lawyers used their positions of power to manipulate or harass their clients — often female, always poor — at a time when their freedom was at stake.