Harassing [verb]

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In most states, Marsy’s Law narrowly protects victims and their families from being harassed by defendants.

She said Kolfage contacted her employer through since-deleted tweets, asking that she be fired for harassing a wounded warrior.

To make matters worse, Hayes also did not have the benefit of anonymity and when he attempted to find steady work in other industries, the public would harass him.

Federal law, state law and state employment policies make it illegal for Alaska state employees to sexually harass colleagues.

In a new op-ed, National City Council candidate Marcus Bush writes about an experience last August in which he says he was harassed and improperly detained by MTS officers.

An internal investigation had concluded he harassed and groped at least three female students, but officials agreed to keep quiet on his way out the door.

The message asked why Graham was out harassing people when he should have been at home sleeping.

One of the officers, Brett Hankison, is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit Advertisement alleging, according to news reports, harassing suspects and planting drugs on them.

You will pardon me for having dissipated the unreal and yet harassing phantoms which infested your mind.

After that, Vyrtl sat back and allowed his cohorts to promulgate a number of minor, harassing conditions.