Harboring [verb]

Definition of Harboring:

hide, protect

Synonyms of Harboring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harboring:

Sentence/Example of Harboring:

If 2020 was a tidal wave that left us adrift in an ocean of uncertainty, books became our islands, providing safe harbor for our exhausted psyches.

It’s the second iteration of the company’s original printer, called the BOD, which was used to print a small, free-standing office building in Copenhagen near one of the city’s harbors.

Fire Island Fun – A Look at the Night LifeSip n TwirlSituated by the harbor and offering great drinks, music, and a crowded dance floor, Sip n Twirl is a favorite Fire Island night spot.

Finally, in May 1989, Mouser went to work temporarily in Whittier, an isolated harbor town outside of Anchorage.

For example, it can make a photo of a harbor look as if it were painted by Monet, or make a photo of mountains taken in the summer look like it was taken in the winter.

By the middle of 1st century AD, Emperor Claudius oversaw the construction of an artificial harbor, a few miles north of the main city.

He captured two, whom he shot, and burned two or three houses whose owners had been harboring the gang.

He knew nothing of their reason for being in Paris, and had no idea that he was harboring dangerous characters.

We have come with authority from headquarters to search your house, Madam; we understand you are harboring rebels.

A fine of $1,000 and six months' imprisonment was to be imposed on any person harboring a fugitive slave or aiding him to escape.