Harden [verb]

Definition of Harden:

make or become solid

Synonyms of Harden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harden:

Sentence/Example of Harden:

A lot of publishers are emerging leaner and battle-hardened from the worst of the coronavirus.

These included battle-hardened forces from Misurata, Bashagha’s home city, which is a political and military power in its own right.

Like Westbrook, Harden is also 31, though his game relies far less on his athleticism.

Westbrook, Harden and Gordon are, in their purest form, head-down drivers who love attacking the basket, while the latter two plus Covington and Tucker can’t be left alone behind the arc.

The beetle can also breathe underwater via air pockets tucked under its hardened wings.

The 230-millimeter, shock-absorbing front wheel is a great way to maintain an upright stance while gliding over bumps and the 205-millimeter back wheel is covered by a specially hardened, steel brake for added security.

It takes 24 hours for the concrete to initially “set,” or harden, but 28 days for it to set to its full load-bearing capacity, which the project’s engineers say is equivalent to that of a bridge.

Cooling the mixture also hardens the gelatin, similar to the process of making jiggly desserts in the kitchen.

If the microbes can survive in the hardened concrete, Srubar’s team thought they might help make material for new bricks.

As soon as the boy begins to harden, shell care no more for him than for a block of wood.